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Title Insurance Law Database

Key Parts of the Title Insurance Law Database:

  • Volumes I and II of the Robert E. Ellis, Title Insurance Law Handbook. Ed. 2000.The hardcover edition includes two volumes totaling 1,265 pages of annotations.  The text covers all terms and conditions of the 1992 ALTA policy.
  • All authorities cited in Title Insurance Law Handbook from the earliest ALTA policy through 1999 are in full text. More than 1,000 published and unpublished cases on coverage and title claims from all jurisdictions in full text not cited in the 2000 Edition have been added.  Cases are added every month.
  • A detailed subject index that includes several hundred topics and subtopics with link to the identified authority in full text.
  • The program provides word search of annotations or cases or both.
  • A growing collection of in-depth essays on related topics.

The Title Insurance Law Database is a work in progress in the sense that new citations and topics are added as they come to our attention.

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How The Database Fits In With Other Legal Research Assets

The database does not displace other respected avenues of research on title insurance coverage, escrow, and claims. Rather, it is another way to identify a case on the issue at hand. It provides an explanation of all terms of the ALTA policy together with key cases in full text.

Research Of Coverage And Claims

Index Subject List:  By clicking on a topic of interest in the alphabetical Subject List the search is refined.  The link moves to subtopics in the Full Index. 

Full Index:Subtopics allow you to narrow your research to a specific area.  With a click on the subtopic a link takes you to the case or annotation.

Policy Annotations:The Table of Contents lists every term in the Owner and Lender policies. With a click on the subject of interest you will be able to examine the full text.  Alternatively, enter a term or policy provision in Search to identify a relevant term or condition.

Cases: After identifying a relevant case or policy provision enter it in Search to identify an authority citing the same case or policy term in a particular jurisdiction.

Database Search: Enter a term, policy provision, case name, or citation to identify all annotations and cases in the Database that use that term.

History Of The Database

When Bob Ellis was the Corporation Counsel for Chicago Title Insurance Company he recognized the need for a text to collect authorities from all American jurisdictions that construed the terms and conditions of the ALTA title insurance policy. The same terms were construed differently in different jurisdictions. The original intent was that the published collection would be distributed only to attorneys and agents of Chicago Title. However, Chicago Title recognized that the Ellis publication must be made available to all title underwriters if it was to foster a more uniform construction of the policy. After Mr. Ellis left Chicago Title he began private practice with Bill Holloway in 1998. Bob published a revised edition in 2000. In 2002, Ellis and Holloway began work on the Database and it has been a work in progress to this day. Cases are added every month.

The two volumes of the Ellis text are available upon request.

William J. (“Bill”) Holloway is the
Editor and owner of the
Title Insurance Law Database
Contact Bill at KING HOLLOWAY, LLC
One North LaSalle Street
Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60602

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